Celebrating Over 105 Years of Manufacturing Quality Refractories.
Rich in Reserves that will last for generations.
Accurate, reliable and demands are met. Expect Nothing Less.
The Highest Standards and consistency developed over a century of manufacturing.
Core Competency: Integrity.


Regular investments to upgrade our plant facilities and improve our manufacturing processes have helped us maintain a reputation for delivering the most trusted refractory products available. Constantly looking to the future, we’ve secured a massive, long-term clay supply by purchasing enough land to ensure our reserves for generations to come. All to reinforce the Alsey legacy—products built to last and a company to believe in for the long haul. 


Since Matthias Hoots fired the first brick over 106 years ago, Alsey Refractories has continued to combine proprietary technology and the Midwest’s finest clay reserves to offer the gold standard in firebrick production. From private label manufacturing and industrial applications, to residential use for the most discerning of architects and contractors, every Alsey product is created with an unwavering and unequalled commitment to excellence.


Rising from the humble beginnings of our original plant constructed from remnant 1904 World’s Fair lumber, more than a century of innovation and success hasn’t changed the core principles that drive and define our work to this day. The people, products and history of our operation continue to shape a legacy of industry leadership that’s synonymous with the Alsey name. A tradition we proudly intend to carry on for generations to come.