About Us

Located in Alsey, Illinois, Alsey Refractories Company has spent more than a century pioneering and refining thier processes and practices to offer the finest refractory products in the industry.

From the makings of an authentic, custom pizza oven, to furnaces for the most demanding industrial applications, every one of our products bear a signature of unparalleled quality, pride and strength. Whether you’re interested in private labeling or distributing, a company with needs for industrial refractory use, or searching for the best refractory products in residential building, look no further than the first name in firebrick – Alsey Refractories Company.

Company History

1906Matthias Hoots organizes the Alsey Brick
and Tile Company in Alsey, Illinois.
1911H.T. McLaughlin purchases Alsey Brick and Tile
and combines clay and coal mining operations.
1917Stiff mud acid brick is used to create
“Checkertown”, a housing district for its
own employees.
1918Twelve beehive kilns are converted from wood
to coal from company’s mining operations.
1928A dry press is added to allow the manufacture
of Intermediate and High Duty brick.
1930Alsey’s first laboratory testing takes place, and
production increases despite the Depression.
1948Steam boilers are replaced with electric
motors to improve production efficiency.
1951A natural gas pipeline is run through Alsey allowing
beehive kilns to be converted to natural gas.
1956The company owned shaft mine is closed and sealed over.
1959Harold Oswald purchases the company and changes
the name to Alsey Refractories Company with Oswald
Refractories Company as the sole sales agent.
1963A tragic fire completely destroys the entire plant.19631963
1964Operations resume after the construction
of a new factory building.
1966Natural gas fired tunnel kiln put in operation.19661966
1971After the death of owner Harold Oswald, the company
is sold to Louis S. Goltermann Sr. and his son.
1973A nationwide fuel crisis prompts the installation of dual
fuel burners for diesel powered fireing of tunnel kilns.
1976The St. Louis sales office’s name is changed
to St. Louis Refractories Company.
1978New shop constructed for servicing company trucks.19781978
1982The company mourns the loss of owner
Louis S. Goltermann, Sr. at the age of 71.
1984Alsey sells fleet of trucks after
deregulation of trucking industry.
1985The St. Louis sales office and Alsey
manufacturing facility are merged forming
Alsey Refractories Company.
1986Complete rebuild of furnace zone
and addition of IFB crown.
1995The company installs the first friction press to allow
pressing of special shapes and Louis S. Goltermann, III
joins Alsey Refractories, bringing current ownership into
its third generation.
1996The 4th Boyd X press is installed.19961996
2000Alsey develops FLUE-SET, a non-water soluble
mortar to comply with evolving building codes.
2003New crusher building added.20032003
2004Louis S. Goltermann III is appointed President,
elevating Louis S. Goltermann, Jr. to CEO.
2005Addition of hydraulic press.20052005
2006A centennial celebration is held to mark the 100-year
anniversary of Alsey Refractories Company.
2008Emilsshield coating applied to interior of tunnel kiln.20082008
2009Alsey honors Jim Riggs, V.P. of Operations, as
he retires after 52 years of exemplary service.
2010Alsey implements Data Mite for real-time Quality
Control and erects its 10,000-ton clay storage facility.
2011The company celebrates 105 years and Louis
S. Goltermann, Jr. retires, elevating Louis S.
Goltermann III to President & CEO.
2012Work begins on a manufacturing building
addition to expanding pressing capabilities.