Alsey Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven

Alsey Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven

Great For:  Pizza, Steak, Fish, Chicken, Desserts and Bread

Cooks a pizza in 90 seconds!

Typical Operating Temperature 900-1000°F

Alsey Outdoor Wood- Fired Oven Kit Includes:

  • Dome
  • Hearth
  • Clay Flue & Rain Guard
  • Insulating Door
  • Pilot 3000-T Super Duty Mortar
  • Insulating Boards
  • Ceramic Blanket
  • Hardware

This kit contains all material necessary to construct the core of the oven; your oven will need to be finished with exterior stucco, firebrick or stone depending upon the desired finished design.

For complete installation & operating instructions click on the link for "Residential MSDS & Product Data Sheet Downloads" and select "Download-Product Data" for Alsey Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven. 

Product Details

Inventory Number Description Max Per Pallet Each Weight (lb.)
2A4900 Alsey Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven Kit 1 600