Alsey 20 Mesh Dry Milled Fireclay

Alsey 20 Mesh Dry Milled Fireclay

Raw ground plastic dry milled fireclay


Raw material used by artisans or in commercial applications either as a heat resistant layer or as an additive. Do NOT use as a mortar in residential fireplace construction.  This product no longer meets building codes for residential fireplace construction. Please ask for FIREPLACE BULLETIN: Refractory Mortar Standards and Specifications for appropriate alternatives.


200 to 400 lbs. of Dry Milled Fireclay is required to lay up one thousand 9x4½x2½" firebrick.

Joint Type Water Dry Fireclay
Trowel 14 quarts (U.S.) 100 lbs
Dipped 18.5 quarts (U.S) 100 lbs

For best results, mix fireclay and water one day prior to use and let it sit covered.

Dry Milled Fireclay is "Heat Setting" and depends upon high temperature to develop a ceramic bond; these temperatures are not achieved in fireplaces.


Job-site prepared fireclay mixes containing Portland do not meet national or state building codes. The addition of Portland cement reduces the service temperature of this product well below temperatures achieved in fireplaces and thus does not satisfy building code requirements. Portland cement neither resists the temperature cycling, nor does it possess the necessary acid resistance.  As a result, we have developed Alsey Air-Set Refractory Fireplace Mortar and Flue-Set Non-Water Soluble Refractory Mortar to meet these requirements.  Product information sheets are available upon request.

Product Details

Inventory Number Description Max Per Pallet Each Weight (lb.)
3A1050 Alsey Dry Milled Fireclay--20 Mesh 50 lb. Sacks 64 50